I was speaking to a friend recently about a situation that one of their friends (let’s call her Sally) was facing. The situation was dire, and Sally needed help to which my friend was limited in their ability to provide. My friend told me that they knew a man who could have helped Sally, therefore they passed Sally over to someone who was better equipped to assist. The moral of this story being, sometimes you must pass someone over to a specialist.

My friend would have felt so proud to know that Sally’s problems will be resolved if she simply called upon the person she was referred to. I am sure that it would be the same with you and I when we point a friend in need to a man or woman who is well able to assist in a situation. We too would be proud to say, “I know a man”.  

This brings me to the man that everyone should know, the man Christ Jesus! Jesus the life giver, solution solver, way maker, the king of King. Jesus is not only a good man to know, He is the best man to know, He is the one everyone must know.

But how do we know Him? It is by walking close to Him! As we learned from Enoch in Genesis 5:24, when it tells that he walked faithfully with God. In other words, Enoch was close to the heavenly realm and built intimacy with the God of all creation. Walking with God means keeping the space between you and God to the shortest distance as possible. This will allow you to see and sense the moves of God.

If this happens, can you imagine the richness and fullness of how our relationship with the Heavenly elements will be? It will be Jesus on the inside, shining through on the outside, because of the close relationship we have with Him. Do you know what would happen in such an instance? Let me give you the answer by using a quote I coined, “How you know your God, is how you will make Him known”. So, if you know Him as great and powerful then that is how you will advertise and display Him in your life, and the opposite will also be true.

If we truly know God, imagine what will happen when our unbelieving friends come to us with their problems and challenges?  When they see God in us, because we are making Him known, they will ask us for advice and guidance. They will ponder and say, I am going through a difficult time, but I know Dane, I know a Man. What a wonderful thing to be known in such a way by our friends! How many of us can say our friends see us in this righteous light? Are we a go to person for them when things get rough on their end? These questions are food for thought right? They sure are!

God allowed me to write two blogs recently that in some ways complement this blog. Those blogs were, “How should I use my heavenly access?”, and “The Master is the Key”. These blogs speak about the great access we have to Heaven, and how it must not be taken lightly and used liberally.  We have been given this access to not only plead our personal causes before God, but we must also advocate and bring the petitions of others. We must come and represent others before God. Our intention must be to be used as vessels to point them in the right way.

With this backdrop about being used by God, please allow me to share something which happened recently. I was exiting an eating place after purchasing breakfast and I was approached by a beggar. So as per 1 John 3:17, I opened my wallet and gave the person 50 dollars. I guess the gentleman was so accustomed getting smaller currency notes, he immediately got elated and started to say, “Thank you Lord, thank you Lord” in ecstasy. This man lit up like a two-hundred-watt bulb. The lesson for me as a child of God was, “We have to give to others, in order that others can give to God”, as in this case the recipient have praises to God. We as believers must pour into others financially, spiritually, emotionally, and in all other forms so that the recipient will give God glory as the end product.

God needs to know that He can call upon us and rely on us in any given situation. The thing is, the statement of “I know a man”, should not only apply from a man-to-man standpoint. Meaning, God should also be able to look down from on high and say, “I know a Man” who can be called upon. God should be able to say, I know Dane because Dane is obedient, he does my will and walks uprightly. I know if I speak to Dane he will intervene and put himself in a place to be used by me.

Friends, in closing I say, please stay close to God, so that not only humans, but also God can say, “I know a Man”, and let that man be me.

Reflective Questions:

  1. Can God truly rely on you?
  2. When He calls on you in all instances do you answer?
  3. Can God say, “I know a Man” and then look towards you? Or is He thinking depart from me I know you not?
  4. Does your friends and work colleagues see Christ in you daily? Would they be surprised to know you are a Christian?

Your Brother in the Lord,

PS: Dane Miller was last seen in prayer and asking, “Lord please let me see you in a big way, so that I can share you in a big way”!

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