Today I was thinking about praying and communicating with God. More specifically what does it take to communicate with the Heavenly Father. While pondering about this, the Lord had me draw comparisons with how we communicate with one another on Earth.  

When we want to speak with someone face to face there are essential steps that must be taken. I have to make an appointment to see the individual at a particular time and place. Now when we meet, they have to identify me as someone they know. If they do not know me then I run the risk of them turning their backs and walking away. What am I saying? I am saying that communication needs a set time, place, and a relationship for it to commence in the physical and the same thing extends to the spiritual.

Although we are on Earth and God is in Heaven, we have been granted unlimited access to God through Jesus Christ shedding His blood and dying on the Cross.  Where Adam’s sin would have severed the relationship and stopped us from gaining easy access to the Father. This relationship was restored when Christ gave up his life for us.

It blows my mind to think that we have access to the true and the living God, the Master of the universe. The eternal and all wise Father, the creator of all things seen and unseen. The God who is eternal, and lives from everlasting to everlasting. This God who all power belongs to in heaven and earth allows me to call upon Him in prayer – Wow

God does not only want us to come before Him sporadically but be in constant connection with Him by praying without ceasing.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 ESV – 16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

If I were to translate this into my own words I would say it this way,  “always keep in constant communion with God, regardless of the circumstances”. This God of the universe wants us to be in constant connection with Him and this is done through prayer. Understanding more of this access which God has given us makes me feel so special.

Contrary to what we often think and feel, God wants to answer our prayer. However, His answer typically comes in 3 forms, “Yes”, “No” or “Wait”. Of course, the latter two typically does not sit well with us because it is not the answers we ever want to hear. Who wants to hear “No” or “Wait” in relation to any desire we have? Well, for sure our flesh does not want to hear this, and that is why God tells us to be anxious for nothing (Philippians 4:6). Most times God does not answer our desires of the flesh with a straight out “Yes”. However, He quicker answers with a yes (Isaiah 65:24), requests which help lead and secure our spirit man to eternity. This is why he told Jeremiah that we must call on Him and he will answer, and answer he will (Yes, No, or Wait).

“Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” – Jeremiah 33:3 ESV

God is such a prayer answering God that he will grant the prayer request of anyone who calls upon Him. Jesus is ever before the Lord making intercession for us to save our souls (Romans 8:34). Then on the other hand our enemy the Devil is also allowed to come before God and make requests to the destruction of our souls. Satan has full access to the throne room of God as much as our Lord Jesus Christ and any one of us. Remember when Satan came before God (Job 1:6) and requested to affect Job’s life in a negative way? Or when Jesus told Peter (Luke 22:31-34) that Satan has requested to sift him like wheat? Dear friends, I want you to know that a spiritual court room is set daily and both Satan and Jesus act as lawyers for the plaintiff and defendant respectively.

The bible states that God’s people perish for a lack of knowledge. Therefore, understanding what goes on in the spiritual realm when calling upon God is important. When we come before God to ask for something, our enemy also comes before Him to ask for the opposite. Yes, our enemy has “Pray Requests” and our names are written on it. He does this in order to nullify our prayers or put things in place to slow it as the Prince of the Persian Kingdom did to Daniel (Daniel 10:12-13).

Not only does our enemy have access to Him but many other persons or things can call upon God and at various times.  

  1. Unrighteous men can call upon God – Romans 10:13
  2. Righteous men can call upon God – Psalm 34:17
  3. Nations can call  upon God – Psalm 79:6
  4. The spirit within man with groanings can call upon God – Romans 8:26-27
  5. A stone can be made to call upon God – Luke 19:40
  6. Angels can call upon God – Job 2:1
  7. When in trouble we can call upon God.– Psalm 50:15
  8. Everyone and Everything can call upon God.

This is the kind of God we serve, a God who cannot help but answer prayer request of all those that come before Him – FOR HE IS A PRAYER ANSWERING GOD. But due to His sovereign and all-knowing nature, He answers request that ultimately works out for the good of His children (Jeremiah 29:11).  

Gaining a better understanding of the aforementioned has given me a greater boldness in prayer. If our enemy the Devil can present himself before God and get his prayer request answered, how much more will you and I who are God’s children and heirs of His kingdom get ours. For what good Father does not give good gifts to his children when asked?

I encourage us all today to build upon the heavenly access which Jesus has afforded us to set times and places to have a prayer relationship with God. Let us use this to our fullest knowing that:

“… the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” – James 5:16

PS: Dane Miller was last seen with a long prayer list and with new boldness to get them answered. In relation to his own life, No Devil will be inquiring of God more than he will be inquiring of God.   

Note: A continuation of this blog can be found in the blog called – When God says No or Wait – Part 1

Your Brother in the Lord,

Dane Miller | Author

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