When God brought the people of Israel out of Egypt and was guiding them into the promise land He was gradually revealing more of the Godhead to the Jews and by extension us. During this epic journey God wanted to show His people that Moses had a relationship with Him  (Exodus:19). Therefore, through the words of Moses, God told all the people that they must sanctify themselves for two days and also wash their clothes and come to the base of the mountain. They were to come and a boundary needed to be set so they would cross and if any man or animal even touched the boarder of the boundary  they were to be put to death.

Moses went up and spoke with God face to face but the people had to stay afar off. Imagine that, out of an entire nation only one man had the first privilege of speaking directly to the God of the Galaxy. I could just imagine how the rich thickness of God’s presence would have felt to Moses in those moments (Dane with Jealous face on).

But praise be to God for the life of His son Jesus Christ which was paid for in blood. Because of the blood we now have full access to approach the Heavenly Father without any boundary or restriction – Hallelujah. This access is not simply the presence of an earthly King, but it is the presence of the Highest King. This is not a King that you have to make an appointment to see, nor have to worry about if your request for an audience will be honoured. The Father of Mercy and Grace will always be willing and waiting to accept our broken and contrite hearts (Psalm 51:17) once we present them before Him.

As believers we have been given the opportunity of All opportunities. Many a people did not have this type of access and with such liberality.  So now the hard question is, what are we doing with all this access? For this short time we have on earth are we taking advantage of this golden opportunity? Are we running into His presence with gifts of praise and worship? Are we being lost in His presence and consumed with the awe of who He is? Are we dancing with All our might before the presence of the Lord like David regardless of who is watching (2 Samuel 6:14-23)? My friends, we cannot waste any encounters.

Allow me to share an experience which I had some years ago. I had a very difficult week, actually, saying it was difficult is an understatement. At that time our mid-week church service was on a Wednesday. So here I was, fighting my flesh and literally dragging myself to come to the House of the Lord. I walked midway up the halls of the sanctuary feeling very drained and dejected. Then I came to myself and said, why am I letting what is going on in my job (for you in this moment it could be another circumstance) make me drag to church and not give God my best worship?

After my mindset changed I literally walked back out the building and spoke to myself outside the door. I said,  “Dane, King David said we must enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name – Psalm 100:4 ”. Friends I make no exaggeration, I walked back into that building and from the first step I forgot everything  else and blessed the Lord with all my strength and might. Then the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob visited me that day and to this day it was one of the richest experiences I ever had in God. 

God honoured me with a richer piece of His presence in a big way that night. Such experiences are not a one-off occurrence but it is something we can evoke every time we come before Him with the intention of emptying ourselves without holding anything back.

My friend let us not waste any encounters with our God. Be it on occasions of personal devotions where we are called to pray, praise and worship or during times of corporate fellowship (Hebrews 10:25) where God is in the midst to bless (Matthew 18:20). Remember the Highest King wants to share Himself with us, so the least we can do is share ourselves with Him in return.

“Let no encounter be wasted”

These encounters should not also be limited to our relationship with God. But it can be applied to an elderly parent, for only God knows how long they have on earth again. It can be adopted with our children for in the wink of an eye they grow up so quickly where chances to create memories will be lost forever. It can be time spent with a mentor or person of influence. It can be someone who we meet for a short time that we can share the Greatness of our God with or even someone who’s views are fundamentally different from ours. Let’s make sure we are deliberate in creating situations where we can be impacted and also make an impact. Lets live our lives that whoever we meet, be it for a moment or for a millennium, are changed and impacted forever.

                “Let no encounter be wasted”

I close this blog with this question. Ask yourself, “how positively has my life impacted those that I have encountered?”. Be it Friend, Family, Foe or Father (heavenly) because this is the reach of every believer.

PS: Dane Miller was last seen taking dancing and worship classes from the school of King David, for no encounter between him and God should be wasted.

Your Brother in the Lord,

Dane Miller | Author

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