Hey guys! I hope all is well with you and I trust you had a good week. I want to write on something that has been on my mind for quite some time and I feel now is the time to share it. I would like to introduce this topic by sharing two experiences I had.

When I was in my teens (just a few days ago, 😊), I had a friend (John) who was getting involved in the gangster lifestyle. I recall us having a conversation and he was relating his experience of holding a gun for the first time. He told me that when he held the gun; he felt so powerful. I distinctly remember being shocked by what he said, and I walked away thinking, “Just holding a gun made him feel so powerful”. But as I got older, I understood better how a man (flesh) who comes into possession of a life taking entity can make them feel powerful.

Like my friend, I had a similar experience recently when I was at my computer doing some software development. Computer programming is not my main profession, but I love to do it as a sideline. For 16 months now I was working long hours on a major software solution which is about 95% completed. Then there was a day recently when I finished a major section of the application and I leaned back into my chair and smiled.

In that moment, I felt so powerful; I felt that I could have created anything in code. I could have been a master hacker gaining access to anything and nothing could have stopped me (I hope no one from the Pentagon is listening 😊). In that moment, while bashing in my software accomplishment, God carried me back to my conversation with John years earlier. I felt how John felt when he held the gun. I felt powerful. Nothing in life has ever made me feel so powerful as in that moment.

This had me thinking. Where does your power come from? Or where should our power come from? Not all of us will have a John experience, or a Dane experience, but I am sure some of us would have some kind of similar experience.

It might be a boss in the office who lauds their authority over subordinates. A Prime Minister or President who can effect massive change with the stroke of a pen. A sexy woman who knows she can seduce a man to do anything she wants. A professional athlete who is the best in the world and thinks they cannot be toppled. A Pastor or a great orator who can gracefully speak and have persons eating out their hands. A husband who feels he can rule his home as Lord supreme because God said the head of the woman is the man. Or a woman who feels she can usurp authority over her husband because she earns more money than him. I better stop here because the list is exhaustive.

Men not only love power in all forms, but they also don’t want to give it up once possessed. As the cliche goes:

“Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely,”–Lord Acton

Friends, the vain fleeting things we hold unto are here today and gone tomorrow. We hold on to them and cause so much hurt to ourselves and others. Simply because in the moment we feel accomplished and successful and it goes to our heads. But life is about change and nothing stays the same. The greatness we shine with now will become dim and dull as God gives that same glory to another. This race is not an individualistic 100 meter sprint, but it is more like a relay where each person has a part to play in the various legs. There will always be someone in front of you who the baton must be passed to in order for us to truly win. Know the type of race that you are in and don’t become arrogant and hold your baton too tightly or longer than you should. When we work as a team we are more powerful and the chance of victory is greater. 

As a kid I liked bodybuilding because I found these men use to look so powerful and strong. But as everything in this world, the sands of time strips us of everything. Allow me to give a visual illustration via some pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Note: I use these pics for illustration only.

What a sharp contrast, isn’t it? The glory days are gone, and the power has been sapped (sadly the terminator has been terminated). You might as well replace Arnold’s name above and insert yours or mine because all our journeys are the same. Here today and gone tomorrow.

Therefore, let’s learn to give up our rights for peace’s sake, let’s forgive quickly, love intensely, show compassion greatly, and do good constantly. Our true power comes from showing forth the virtues and traits of our heavenly Father. When we do these things, it gives us the power to change lives and point them to the direction of our God. What can top the power of a changed life and how that life can now go out and transform and influence others.

But it first starts with us tapping into God and relying on His power more than any other power to govern and rule our lives. Let’s relinquish the forms of power we foolishly desire and learn to be humble and lowly in spirit. For this humble demeanour is of great value in the sight of our God and it can benefit us throughout our lives.

“Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honour” – Proverbs 29:23 23

PS: Dane Miller was last seen writing Part II of this blog series.

Your Brother in the Lord,

Dane Miller | Author

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