I have come to realize that making one key change in a specific area of your life has the potential to impact ones entire life for the better. It is like saying, “I am going to start exercising!”. Therefore, you start to workout, which causes you to stop eating junk food for a healthier alternative, you start to go to bed earlier, you feel more rested at night, you have more energy during the day and the list goes on. This domino effect of benefits comes from making one key change (e.g. commencing exercising). So, my question to you is, “What Key Change Must You Make Today?”

Not only this, but the catalyst for these changes can come from almost any source. Let me share two simple experiences I had which caused me to change my thinking and approach with some concepts. After all, change first starts in our mind with knowledge and acceptance then it is represented in our behaviour.

Some years ago, I and a number of other colleagues across the organisation went on a team building workshop. I cannot remember many details about this workshop, except for the following two things that left a marked impression on me.

Firstly, I recall we had to get into groups of about 5 persons and each group had to compose a song about teamwork, then perform the song for everyone. Well, those who know me well know that I cannot sing to save my life, plus I am not lyrically inclined. As I did not want to embarrass myself nor our newly formed choir, I adamantly stated that I cannot do this and decided to take a back seat.

To which, one of my colleagues who I was meeting for the first time, steadfastly peered into my eyes as if reaching for my soul and sternly said, “Never say that you can’t to something”. I looked like a deer caught in the headlights after he spoke to me.  I quickly tried to rationalize my position with a response, but his forceful and direct feedback was the same, “Never say that you can’t to something”.

He further indicated, that I would not be able to do everything in life well, but he is sure I can do it to some extent. Well, my friends, this guy’s statement left a mark on my soul that cannot be washed away. It set within me a drive that I can do anything once I put my mind towards it. Since that encounter, I have acquired and accomplished so much in my life because of these few words (“Never say that you can’t to something”)

The other thing from this workshop that I can recall, was what the facilitator said. He said, “We should always look up words to find their true meaning”. Strange as it may sound, I adopted his advice and I began to notice that there were many words that people misuse or misunderstand during everyday speech.   Now I can say, I have a thing with wanting to know the root meaning of words. By applying this change, I realized that I was able to obtain a greater understanding of concepts.

Let us apply this root meaning of words notion and see it in action. Many persons hold the view that a major part of the word repent means to be sorrowful and overcome with remorse. However, a core aspect of repenting actually means to change one’s mind for the better based on information or knowledge.

Keeping along the same lines. The word disciple typically connotes a meaning of being a follower, however it is much more than that. The Greek word for disciple (mathētēs) refers generally to any “student,” “pupil,” “apprentice,” or “adherent,”. So, while the word also connotates a follower of a religious leader it does not just end at following. It is following with the mindset of being a lifelong learner and student.

Why am I saying all this today? I am saying this to encourage someone to pick that one key thing they must change in their secular life immediately. I am also saying it because one of the best changes one can make to produce a better life is to forsake this world and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. In other words, repent and become His disciple, or better expressed in the root form, “Change your mind for the better, become a learner and follow the Lord to obtain true life”.

The world has been turned upside down with Covid19 and many of its ill effects has reached us all. God is showing us again that we live in a dying world and we cannot in anyway hold unto it. Therefore, what are you going to do? Are you going to keep thinking and believing that all there is to life is what you physically see? Are you going to hold onto things around you that have previously failed you? Ask yourself, isn’t there more than this? Could there be more than this? What if you are wrong in your current view about God? If so, you will end up paying with your soul in hell. Is this a risk you are willing to take?

For those of you who might be struggling with this decision, I can say that I was once like you. Just before becoming a Christian, I remember the tug of war which was going on within me. Should I change, can I change, do I really want to change? Then I boldly took the leap and gave my heart to the Lord.  It was the best decision that I have ever made in my life and I do not use this as a cliché. One day I just got up and changed my mind, and then everything changed.

Today I want to encourage someone who might not be fully following the Lord, to change your thinking and fully commit to Him. If you are already a learner (disciple) of the Lord, then search His words for the areas you have not yet learned and put them into practice, for all of us still have areas to learn. If all is well with you spiritually (always deal with the spiritual first) then secularly scrutinize the one key change that you need to make (saving more, starting your business, commence exercising, going back to school, etc).

I know it might be a daunting task, but after you make your list of possible things to change just start, do not hesitate, do not overthink it, JUST PICK ONE and START! If looking at what you need to change makes you feel overwhelmed or sapped for strength, then I pass on wise words as it was passed unto me.  I stare into your soul and say, “Never say that you can’t to something”.

Philipians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

PS: Dane Miller was last seen making a secular list and a spiritual list of things to change.

Your Brother in the Lord,

Dane Miller | Author

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