After reading Atomic Habits by James Clear (a great book and I strongly recommend that you get it) I was desirous of introducing better habits in my life. Given that I am allotted the same 24 hours as everyone else, I had to identify where I could win back time to implement new habits. So, with my mind set on analysing my day. The thought entered my mind advising me to stop watching television for an entire year.

When this thought came into mind I was like, “interesting,…” – Dane with deep ponder face on.

For a split second I thought, “yeahman” maybe I can do this. But two seconds after, that evil devil on my other shoulder, also known as the television spirit/jumbee, was shouting, “Are you Crazy, what do you mean you are going to stop watching TV for a year?” When I came down from the high of my initial thought the resistance within me began to amplify even more.

  1. No Way..!
  2. Of course, I wouldn’t stop watching television!
  3. Over my dead body!
  4. How could you stop watching TV, and for so long! Dane what were you thinking?
  5. … need I say more.

Now, with swift intervention the Lord planted a second thought into my head to allow me to be comparative. The Lord said, “Dane, why not try and don’t read your bible for 3 months?” Then the flesh within me replied, “I don’t know why I would ever want this, but it is something one can do” – Dane without deep ponder face on. Notice the Lord told me 3 months compared to 1 year, and I believe he did this for impact.

Comparing the reactions of both thoughts of self-restraint I can tell you the latter had me somewhat shamefaced. The level of anguish and horror at not having television was way more than the feeling of not immersing myself in God’s word, even though it was a lesser timeframe.   

What does this say about me? Or if you went through a similar thought process as you read the aforementioned, what does that say about you? My umbilical cord might be tied to TV, someone else’s might be tied to social media, or their jobs, or anything else that is consuming our time. If we are serving God, then a good way to examine this service (2 Corinthians 13:5) is by evaluating what consumes time in our lives. As I usually say, “You always make time for the things you love”

When you give someone your time, in essence you are giving them your life. When someone is terminally ill and lying in bed and reflecting, one of the things they evaluate is how did they spent the time with friends, family and colleagues. In these moments the importance and scarcity of time becomes the realest. Most persons would wish that they had more time, meaning they wish they had more life.

That’s why I always say, “when you give someone your time, you are giving them your life”

Knowing this, who better to give our time (life) to than the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Let’s raise our consciousness of this by looking at the allocation of our time by adding and itemizing how we serve Him in a typical week. Write down how much times you pray, read his word, fast, share God to others, worship (leave out church attendance for now) and helping the poor and needy (remember one way we serve God is by serving others). Now divide the number of hours you got by 126 hours for the week then multiply by 100 to obtain a percentage. (Note: I subtracted 6 hours sleep per night so (18hrs x 7 days = 126). I am putting forward that the percentage you calculated is a representation of the time you are giving to God, or stated differently, it highlights how much of your life that is currently being given to Him.

I don’t know about you, but my number is pale in comparison to where it should be. I draw reference to Jesus who was getting up early to pray, going into towns and villages, synagogues, and homes to share the gospel, fasting for days, teaching his disciples and the list goes on. Now that’s a good benchmark to align ourselves to.

I close this blog entry with a personal pray. Father today I say sorry for the times I wasted and the life I have given away on folly and foolishness. – the things that don’t profit. I ask for forgiveness and say help me oh Lord to be a better servant and son. Open my eyes Father, to the areas in my life that I can give more time to you and provide me with the strength to do it. This I pray, in the name of Jesus, Amen

Your Brother in the Lord,

Dane Miller | Author

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