I saw a friend of mind (Winston) posted a video of himself on Facebook some time ago. Knowing that Winston rarely posts on Facebook I was instantly intrigued and immediately clicked the video to hear what he had to say.

Winston said that his teenage daughter approached him and asked, “Daddy how do I know when the right man comes along?”. Winston said that his first thought was to tell her, “young lady just go in your room and study your school work and stop thinking about boys! Don’t you know that boys and books don’t mix.”. Being a father myself with two girls I can relate to Winston’s initial thoughts.

However, on further ponder he decided to use the opportunity to share the truths of God’s word and teach his daughter and prepare her for life. Winston said, “what you have to do is study God’s word intensely. Let it become a part of you, live, breathe and eat it. Be engrossed by it so much that it goes deep in your heart and resonates from within. Focus on fusing with the verses so both of you become one. Now when the right man comes along, he also would have been deep into God’s word so both of you would be speaking the same language”.

In essence, speak the heavenly language first before speaking the language of love to each other; well Winston did not explicitly say this part but I am building upon the spirit of his words for good measure.

He further mentioned, “My dear daughter, I am telling you that you will hear him before you see him, so you have to observe and listen and see what flows from his heart. If you don’t do this then anyone can come speaking in self, speaking fleshly, or speaking words of vain flattery and you can go down a dangerous path not approved by God.”

I really loved my friends advise and it is something I will definitely share with my daughters as they mature because for a surety similar questions will come my way. So, thanks Winston for arming me with Godly wisdom to share with my daughters and others.

His advice was so potent that God brought my mind to relate to it in multiple ways. For example,  when Winston said, “hear him before you see him”, I immediately thought about applying this advice with my personal relationship with the Heavenly Father.

A lot of times we want to see God before we hear God. What I mean by this is, we plead and long to see God working in our lives but we are not taking steps to hear his words in the bible nor listen to the guidance of his Holy Spirit. I want to remind us today, that we cannot get the former without first obtaining the latter.

If we want to see God work miraculously in our lives then we must first learn to listen (hear) to his words and apply it. In hearing him, we will see him. Lets stop putting the cart before the horse and complaining that we are not seeing God working in our lives. Focus on the hearing and the seeing of his glory will automatically come.

My dear friends, I hope you received a blessing from this blog post and God willing I will see you next week.

This blog entry is dedicated to Winston and the fathers of daughters everywhere.

You Brother and Friend.

Dane A. Miller