One of my constant prayer is that God reveal himself to me in everyday events, in nature or in my relationship with my kids. For example, in the previous blog post (Just Now!!!) I would have shared how God used my daughter to correct my own behavior.  Once again God answered this prayer but this time it was through nature.  I saw the following Pommecythere Tree (also known as Golden Apple) and I just had to stop and take a picture of it.

Pompergrante Tree

I was amazed that this tiny tree which typically grows very large (up to 30m) was bringing forth so much fruit for its size. Then I started to think about my own self and how much fruit I am bringing forth for my size. God has given me so much blessings (spiritual, financial, health, etc) in my life and in return what kind of fruits do I give him. Or put another way, “How much does my life produce for the Kingdom of God?”

This tree was getting nutrients from its primary source which is the soil. If another tree was planted close to this one, it would also be able to draw from the same soil source, but it might not produce the same amount of fruit. So the problem of producing is not in the source but in the seed.

Similarly, all of us have access to the same source to produce fruit which is God the Father, but how much fruit we produce is dependent on us as individuals and nothing else.

God is actively watching us to see if we are producing fruit and this concept is sited in many places in the bible:

  1. Our purpose is to bear fruit: John 15:16 Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.
  2. Bring forth fruits of righteous: Matthew 3:8 Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance:
  3. In time Jesus curses things that don’t bring forth fruit: Matthew 21:18-19 Now in the morning as he returned into the city, he hungered. 19 And when he saw a fig tree in the way, he came to it, and found nothing thereon, but leaves only, and said unto it, Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward forever. And presently the fig tree withered away. (also read Revelation 3:16)

Let’s all remember that serving God is not about singing on a Sunday but it is more about producing fruit on a weekday.

Now stop and think for a moment, how much fruit did you produce this week? Fruits of Love, Mercy, Forgiveness, Compassion (helping someone financially), Sharing God’s word to others. Producing these fruits isn’t hard, because the closer you draw to God the easier they are to create.

Just as I looked at this Golden Apple fruit and knew what kind of tree it was and how valuable it was given the amount it was producing. God wants the world to know who we are by our fruits. Matthew 7:16 “Ye shall know them by their fruits…”

Now I want you to go back and take a long and deep look at the picture above of the Golden Apple tree and I will do the same. What did you see?

Well, let me tell you what I saw. I saw this:

  1. Although you may be small in size compared to others, still bring forth fruit!
  2. Although you may be the only one standing and no one else is around for support, still bring forth fruit!
  3. Although the world may be against you, still bring forth fruit!
  4. Although no one is doing it or doing the opposite, still bring forth fruit!
  5. No Matter What,  Bring Forth Fruit!

For in doing so we truly show our worth and will bring glory to our God.

Your Brother and Friend in the Lord,